My Dialogue With Adewale Yusuf, Founder,

Truly, Africa has the best minds. Check out my dialogue with Adewale Yusuf, founder of, a blog that tells the story of African startups.

Matthew: Techpoint is one of the best platforms that tells the story of African startups. I will like you to tell me how Techpoint started.

Adewale: Techpoint started with a goal of telling African entrepreneurs stories from a relatable point. We created a platform where the world can read about Africa and how we are shaping our own world.

Matthew: Before now, have you worked on any media platform?

Adewale: Yes, I have worked with a tech-focused blogging platform. I served there for more than a year before leaving.

Matthew: What major challenges did you experience when you started Techpoint?

Adewale: Funding and Talent.

Matthew: When you say talent, you mean finding the right people?

Adewale: Yes, people that are qualified.

Matthew: What do you think about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria?

Adewale: It’s still an infant stage. Together we can build something amazing.

Matthew: If the government were to support startups, what areas would you like them to focus?

Adewale: They should focus on infrastructure for startups and we need electricity.

Matthew: A lot of young people are going into startups. I will like to ask what advice would you give to early-stage startups?

Adewale: Solve a genuine problem. Be passionate about it, don’t just do it for the money.

Matthew: What role do you think foreign investors can play in the lives of startup founders?

Adewale: Funding and mentorship are the most important roles